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Difference between social media marketing and content marketing

Blogs can be an excellent tool for both direct and indirect promotion. This means we must classify them as business tools not just marketing tools. However, I’m not saying that blogs are just a form of online marketing, because they do have their place in traditional online marketing plan which including banner ads, video ads, or part of a social media marketing strategy or content marketing strategy.

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There’s no excuse not to blog

There’s no excuse not to blog – even if you’re not able to put much effort into writing posts. Google acknowledges that web results will give relevant and up-to-date information as search results. A blog allows you to provide the updated content in an effective and easy way.

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13 things NOT to post on Facebook

Just because you occasionally do the embarrassing and stupid thing doesn’t mean it’s something to include on Facebook. Along the same lines, the Huffington Post provides a slideshow of 13 things you can—but really shouldn’t—tell your Facebook friends. Items that should not be shared include: Your birth date and place Your mother’s maiden name Your […]

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