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If you have a running business but need funds for staff, tools & marketing. We can invest in your business to help you make growth happen.

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You’ll not only get the help you need to scale quickly. Also, we’ll help you professionalize the business, and you’ll have access to our business systems and consulting that could help your business learn how the Fortune 500 and global consulting firms do it without making a huge, 6-figure investment.

Professional & Experienced

All of our outreach efforts are supervised by the best specialists and our due diligence performed by the top lawyer so that they can run smoothly without you (and us!) having to personally spend hours and hours doing paperwork.

Unlike Any Other Partner or Investor

Our acquisition process takes care of list building, qualification, messaging copy, outreach, meetings, negotiating, and ultimately closing the deal. We’ve built an outreach system for acquisition and we can do this for our partners.

Get More Than Cash Flow

You also get our vast network and access to our A-Team which consists of Operations so that you can have an organization that scales beyond an owner/operator; Leadership so that we can maximize efficiency and achieve organizational goals; and Management so that we have effective planning and supervision of people and the processes they are responsible for.

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We are tools for your growth.


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