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Social media statistics in real-time

The world of social media is invading the web at a speed that we cannot even imagine. It ‘a revolution, the social media revolution, social networking, the new way of conceiving the web, media, sharing. It ‘a revolution before our very eyes, of which we are all a part of and can no longer control. No one could have imagined, even a few years ago, that this would have happened. Read and watch these stunning statistics on social media: Gary Hayes has collected some statistics and has made a counter that shows the numbers in real time: ‘Gary’s Social Media Count’: Which I have included below. 20 hours of video are uploaded on Youtube every minute! 600,000 new members each day on Facebook 700 million photos and 4 million videos…
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6 powerful persuasion techniques – in social networking terms

Today's focus is social networking persuasion techniques. The big 4 social media giants down to the recreational blogger utilize different forms of persuasion to grow and engage their communities or the communities existing within them. Lets give you some background info. In the video clip below social excerpt Robert Cialdini describes the most powerful persuasion techniques found in marketing. Read below for a short snapshot of what these 6 core influence principles mean and observe the current time example from our social media world. 1. Authority Most people have an easier time making the decision to buy something if they are influenced by someone they see as knowledgeable or having authority in a certain industry. Our trust in authority figures enables us to connect with and buy into certain brands…
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Social Media Data

Marketing is evolving due to the impact of social media. Yet, questions still remain in regards to social media adoption, usage and its business applications. I prefer the numbers over theory. This post is a resource for anyone wishing to explore the data that exists on the web about social media. This is not the data in it’s entirety only a collection of key pieces. (more…)
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What happened in 2009?

The year went by so quickly, and it is hard to imagine the quantitative impact of the internet on our way of life. I previously wrote a article that visually expressed social media statistics in real time, and now the summation of these numbers have come to an amazing final destination. Royal Pingdom has kept great accounting and are sharing these mind-blowing statistics. When presenting to organizations it is impossible to convey the magnitude of New Media, and it’s impact on the internet. The internet’s vast arena has seen social media contribute to an ever increasing global internet competency of the world. This has generating the traffic and usage that is represented in these crazy stats. Here are the some: In 2009 90 trillion emails were sent. The average number…
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How many days do you live?

Without calculating- just by feeling- how many DAYS do you think the average American lives? A. Tens of thousands? B. Hundreds of thousands? C. Millions? D. Billions? Ok, don't do the math- the answer is A. Tens of thousands of days. According to the National Center of Health Statistics. Now I know what your thinking- What does this have to do with social media? Considering survival is a key aspect to life and communication is key to survival- then having dynamic social  interaction, which is a comprehensive mental component to life, can be expressed through social media and therefore, making it important for your survival. Like how that ties together? Successful beginning in social media requires more then just creating profiles and gaining friends/followers/subscribers. Expertly executing a game plan that…
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