Social Media for Writers

Why writers should blog.

I have the pleasure of working with some brilliant writers and have seen similar social media patterns. The list below has been put together from my workshops and consulting. Here’s the deal.

  • Writers see social media as simply a marketing tool
  • As a way of finding an agent
  • Are afraid that social media will take time away from writing
  • Question whether or not they can make money blogging
  • Many are not sure about the idea of "friending" someone he or she does not know.
  • Can see the value of participating in Social Media every day, but don’t believe they have the time.

If you’re a writer who is worried about the step to social media, don’t be. More and more people are realizing that social media (&blogging) is one of the best ways to interact and create loyal readership. These steps come overtime, which is why it is important to participate and explore- before your book is about to come out so that you can build trust with your network.

If you talk with publishers, you will find that if you post content on your blog it will become difficult to publish it in a journal or magazine. With this in mind; you might ask why a writer should be blogging. First, not all benefits are monetary.

  • By writing on a regular basis you can stay disciplined and keep your creative juices flowing.
  • Connecting with other writers using social media and connecting your blogs.
  • If you haven’t already found your voice, a blog and the content you create can enhance your passions and led to unexpected opportunities and developing a voice.
  • Controlling your personal brand is important when you want people to find you today and not that article you wrote for your high school paper.

More answers to come. What is your reason for blogging?