Peter Lang educates businesses, organizations, and individuals on how social and digital media aligns with their strategies.

Peter is a strategic advisor, consultant, partner and CEO of Uhuru Network LLC, co-founder of Trucchifacebook.com pro-blogger, and partner at http://Stylishlyme.com.

Peter brings a global perspective of both the corporate and small business worlds to Uhuru Network’s agency clients, having represented, consulted with and won accounts with a wide array of leading national and regional firms.

Peter is involved at all levels of agency consulting, new business strategy, implementation and evaluation of new business.

He is responsible for managing client relationships, product creation, strategic development for competitive advantage for both Uhuru Network and it’s clients. Coordinating with his team to focus on rapid business growth and user-centered design and engagement.

Peter researches the role digital technologies in small and corporate businesses and design measurable strategies and tactics that motivate user action.

He uses statistical analysis to identify insights and conclusions from complex data. Delivery of team reports on competitor tactical strengths and weaknesses to determine competitive direction.

Here is a brief description of Peter Lang’s speaking style. Peter is vibrant, humor-laden, energetic, and personal. Peter tailors every presentation to address the audience at hand, and he adjusts during the presentation to match the level of comprehension as he goes along.

Peter covers these topics from the high level strategy all the way down to the step-by-step tactical and actionable, depending on audience and need. He is known for inspiring people to not only brand themselves online, but to create a digital understanding that will aid in there professional development. For corporations, Peter gives employees the missing ingredient they need to stand out and shine at work.


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