7 things all top bloggers do


The world of a top blogger is a small and independent world. You have to make decisions for yourself: figure out how to create content you’re passionate about, how to write, how to act, speak, present yourself, take initiative, bundle your creative efforts, and build and engage a community.

Great bloggers are like great athletes – simply do the basics very well.

The 7 must dos for all bloggers

Brainstorming – Spending time professionally planning and creating original content.

Qualification – Spend your time talking to the wrong people… it doesn’t matter how wonderful you present your blog it will not be a great blog.

Presentation – Your blog design, media and content needs to be at the highest level your reader expect.

Handling Objections – When left with comments that disagree with your stance you have to smile and learn the right approach to communicate.

Capturing visitors – Generating leads is part art, part science and those elements can be learned.

Referrals – If your readers are happy, they’ll want someone else to be happy too.

Being Proactive – Having an independent will, imagination and self-awareness to go outside your blog.


Good luck bloggers. You can breathe again. I’m done scaring you. Please don’t worry about the above unless you feel so moved. It’s all okay.

Everyone else? Start doing something special. 🙂