Guest posting – Awesome Blogging Tips

Guest blogging is a strong tactic when building your network and exposure. Geo targeted blog outreach will change your online path for the better.

Before you get started guest posting it’s important to include a few simple things in your guest post requests.


Guest Blogging Requests

Items to include:

  • Make sure to have a few examples of posts you’ve written. The best practice is to have sample writing in the topic you’re interested in pitching. If you don’t have any writing specific to that niche you can send the potential blog any writing as long as it positively shows your ability.
  • Suggest a few titles or topics for your guest post.
  • You should include an author box below your post so visitors to your blog can see your social networks and promotion of your blog so they can potentially see how you promote your own blog so they can see the potential benefit to them of allowing you to guest post.
  • Your Twitter username will play a valuable role in making connections with other bloggers. Always link the social network you use most.

Guest Blogging Tips:

If you want to increase your chances of being approved for a guest post you should do the above list as well as:

  • Make sure you read the guest posting guidelines for the site you want to contribute to.
  • No one likes copy pasts emails or pitches. That being said, make sure you are familiar with the blog’s content. At the very least you should  skim the recent posts or categories. The real secret is in the comments. After reading the post check out the comments and make sure to leave them some engaging comments. This will help the blogger get to know you before you pitch your guest post ideas.
  • YES! Guest posts are accepted on my site. Contact me to discuss.

Guest Posting Submissions

You will discover as you submit posts to bloggers that there are many varieties of sites and guidelines you should be aware of:

  • As a contributor you will have limited access but you will be able to enter the post yourself.  CAUTION: in many cases once you submit the post you CANNOT make changes or corrections so it’s very important that you proof your writing BEFORE you submit.
  • Author access will give you more control as you can create your post, control formatting, add images (on some, others not), and links with mouse-over text (if allowed) and a very important element, edit your post yourself. This is my preferred method.
  • You may come into a situation where you’re writing your post into a proprietary system. Proprietary systems are less likely to get guest posts from me as they are often challenging to work with.
  • Emailing your post. It’s important that the blog is specific in describing the format they want the blog post. You need to know: how to handle links and images, type, etc… Some blogs may have you send the images as attachments while others want to complete avoid attachments as dealing with image rights can become problematic. If a guest poster doesn’t know WordPress, which is my preferred blogging CMS (for now), I ask them to send posts in .html version and also in .txt and/or .doc (Word) because the fact is pasting external type into WordPress will often create formatting issues that requires additional time to resolve.


I hope these guest blogging tips will help you reach out and be published!