How many days do you live?


Without calculating- just by feeling- how many DAYS do you think the average American lives?

A. Tens of thousands?
B. Hundreds of thousands?
C. Millions?
D. Billions?

Ok, don’t do the math- the answer is A. Tens of thousands of days. According to the National Center of Health Statistics. Now I know what your thinking- What does this have to do with social media?

Considering survival is a key aspect to life and communication is key to survival- then having dynamic social  interaction, which is a comprehensive mental component to life, can be expressed through social media and therefore, making it important for your survival. Like how that ties together?

Successful beginning in social media requires more then just creating profiles and gaining friends/followers/subscribers. Expertly executing a game plan that arrays all necessay variables can mean the difference between social media acceptance and social media exclusition.