Is One Blog Enough?

Multiple Blogs?

We have many writers asking, “I have multiple interests, what will I blog about?”

This is a common question when our company is hired to set up a blog. Many people have a topic of interest, whereas others know they want a blog but not sure of the topic.


Like magazines, some blogs contain a variety of information about a broad subject.

Other blogs are very succinct and only include articles about one specific topic.

When setting up a blog, some experts say a blog should be topic specific and named appropriately by including the “topic” in the name of the blog.

That sounds all well and good, however if the name of our blog is overly descriptive, we could limit ourselves with regard to what we feel we can blog about.

So, what’s a blogger to do?

Use one blog, regardless of the name and share whatever we want?
Set up a new blog for each topic we want to discuss?
Create a blog with a name that could encompass any topic?
What do you think?

My Blogs

Obviously, if you’re reading this post, you’re on my Blog – but I do have others.


Tricks Facebook

My close friend and now business partner launched a tech blog in 2009, I write for our English version. Our blog is entirely focused on Facebook. We provide guides, tips and tricks, and resources that help maximize a Facebook user’s experience on Facebook.


Vanessa and I launched January 1st, 2011 after traveling around Europe, researching Fashion/Personal style blogs and building a community on Twitter.

Peter Stylishlyme

Uhuru Network

Our Company Blog. Digital DNA.

digital dna  - Uhuru Network

Workout Blog

A workout blog where a group of my local and international friends support our workout progress and help keep each other accountable even though we’re thousands of miles apart.


If you use my blogs as an example, a blogger can post whatever they want on one blog, create a new blog to encompass new topics, or choose a name for their blog which allows them to be more versatile.

There is not a single right answer. It depends on you, the writer, the individual responsible for creating the content.

Care to share your experience?