Is Your Website Ugly?

Ugly Website white
No one, blogger, business, or person wants to hear the words, “Your website is ugly”.

(Advice: have a blog in your website)

Although most bloggers / webmasters are concerned how they are perceived online and will ask fellow bloggers what they think of, or how they can improve their sites, some people REALLY don’t want to know. Some bloggers especially like their site just the way it is.

And that’s okay.

Today’s focus.

I’ll admit, my job is to enhance the positives and uncover the areas that need improvement.

So, if you asked me what I think of your blog / website, I’d find something I like about it and pay you a compliment. And, to be honest this is not just to please you.

I believe that your site is a representation of YOU and it needs to be a place where you feel comfortable to express what ever you want to express.

Much like your home, I wouldn’t come in and say “You need more indoor Foliage, or that picture would be more inviting if you move it.”, If you want my input and insights you’ll hire me. I don’t feel it’s my place to tell you how to design your own online space.

After all, your site is a reflection of YOU.

Now I’d like to share what I like to see on blogs.

What is the blog about?
More often than not, the name of a site does not give light to what the site is about. Whether it is in the title, typography or a tagline this simple direction will let readers know what our blog is about and what they can expect from your site.

Recent/favorite and/or random posts
When I first come to a blog I’m not familiar with, I like to read a few articles to dig into what the site has to offer. I may want to read something other than the current article that brought me to the site. When I can’t find older posts, categories, tags, I leave. I don’t have time to explore for them, nor will I use the “previous” or “next.” Make it simple for a visitor of any page to dive deeper into your site.

Where’s the “about me” page?
Every site creator has a story and the the “about” page is where you can share that story. The “about” page doesn’t have to be long widen timeline of your life, we now have the new Facebook timeline for that. At the very least I like knowing a little about the blog author(s). Need ideas about writing one? Visit my about page maybe it will help act as a guide. “About me”

Voila, three things I look for when I land on a blog. These are basic necessities.

What about you?

Here is your homework and make sure to write your answers in the comments below.

What are somethings you look for when you first land on a blog?

Would you want feedback from users on how to improve your blog?

Care to share?

BTW. These descriptions may not apply to some business/Executive blogs which are designed with certain kind of professionalism and branding of the company they represent.

Also, I’m not saying my blogs are perfect, rather the sites are like me, always evolving.