Review of Advanced Web Ranking – Thumbs up!

I have been using the Advanced Web Ranking program and are still exploring it’s many features. I first heard about it from a top Italian Blogger who had read about the success people were having with it. I work for a social media company and at first I was a little skeptical about the software because there are many other programs out there that do keyword analysis.

One of the first things I did was to upload and test some of our client’s sites. Some of these websites we designed and others we only consulted on. I was definitely shocked when I saw what keywords that the keyword research tool for pulled from the site. Before it even ran an analysis, we were able to tell what keywords were visible to the program. Some of our clients had no keywords other than the title! We would have had no way to tell them that without this program. But anyway, now the fun part.

If this seo software did not pull the keywords you wanted to test, you can add some more into the list. We did this for just about all of our clients so we could be thorough in our keyword analysis. Next up, you can select which search engines you want to test it. They have a list that is incredibly extensive. I didn’t utilize the additional search features (yet) beyond Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But that was more than enough to get me started. After the project set up, I let it do its analysis.

It took about 40 minutes but it scanned all three search engines for my keywords and showed where my site ranked for a given keyword in each search engine. Also, it shows competitors (which you are easy to change if they don’t necessarily fit your website) and shows you where they rank for your keywords. I’ve played with adding and removing keywords and various competitors of some of my clients. The reports and comparisons are quick to generate and are very easy to understand. Now let me show you how this software helped us land a new client.

When selling a client on a new website and online strategy, we generated a report that showed the keywords found in the site (we had no prior access to the site). There were 6 keywords total, 4 of which were so generic they would most likely never rank for them. After finding this out, we generated about 15 keywords that would be common search terms for that particular organization. Next, we added in about 6 of their closest competitors and ran the program. What did we find? They were not ranked for some of the search terms that they very definitely should have ranked high for! And their competitors were ranked on many of these. When all was said and done, they ranked 4th out of the 7 websites we tested. Not good for an organization of that size.

We used the handy report generator and created some reports that showed where they ranked for the keywords we created and how their competitors ranked for the same keywords. Now these reports are very clean and easy to understand which definitely worked to our advantage as these people we were trying to sell were not “techy” people. After weeks of trying to convince them they needed a new site, we showed them these reports and got a “yes” a day later. You can explain the importance of SEO to someone over and over but when you can visually show them the impact their website and presence has on their discoverability, they quickly change their tune. And that’s exactly what Advanced Web Ranking does for us. It helps us show clients the importance of SEO but also helps us enhance our keyword generation and implementation in our websites. Advanced Web Ranking has opened up a whole new door for us that we are extremely pleased to have walked through.

Check it out!