That’s Right, It’s Time to Build

Time to buildCurrently three months into this new year and we see more companies expanding and contracting. Movement within organizations, whether up or down, is a must. We’re all attempting to adjust after feeling the effects of this recent economic tumble. But in the past, where we saw light at the end of the tunnel with industrial growth we now see that the Web is the way out.

The web is driving innovation and its core values and principles are changing us all… culturally, socially and economically. Success will be found with companies that can articulate a niche, a place, in this fast-evolving internet landscape. Waiting for the right time could leave many companies without a seat at the table.

Amid the economic chaos, it’s time to draw a deep breath and think about the
profound change yet to come.
—Chris O’Brien, SJ Mercury News

The opportunity to interact with the consumer phenomenon, which is this online social environment, is an opportunity that businesses can not miss. Stronger than ever, is the potential for companies that see the web as a platform for short and long-term business growth. This downturn has disrupted the path for all of us. Change is no longer an option; it is a requirement.

New Media is the recession gym for business.

If you’re marketing strategy encompasses creating value, strategic agility, transparency, client empowerment, and a new way of doing business, you’ll find future success.

There is no try; only do. – Yoda

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