There’s no excuse not to blog

Blogging Peter Lang

There’s no excuse not to blog – even if you’re not able to put much effort into writing posts. Google acknowledges that web results will give relevant and up-to-date information as search results. A blog allows you to provide the updated content in an effective and easy way.

I stress the necessity of personal brands often (Personal Branding in a 2.5 world) and if your like the many who work tirelessly to build a strong personal brand to empower your business or generate opportunities I say with conviction, you need a blog!

Frequently associating your name with blog content will allow your name to rank high in searches for your name, even when the blog is updated only a few times a month. If you already have hosting this effort shouldn’t cost you more than the domain, under $20USD a year. A minor investment to help your online persona and secure your personal brand.

This is the tip of the iceberg, and shows there’s even a minor reward with minimal effort. I am not condoning little effort – the more you put in, the more you get out. A blog is powerful and can accelerate your personal brand in many ways:


• Blog about your industry to establish you  as an expert/authority.
• Readers and subscribers can recommend or become potential customers.
• Building a community of readers will allow you to leverage loyalty to support non-blogging activities, products or services.
• Blogging helps create notoriety which shows your premium value and thus allows you to charge premium prices.
• Blogging can lead to network opportunities with other influential bloggers that can open great cross-promotional opportunities.
• Popular bloggers often get interviewed, which provides an opportunity to promote your personal brand to a new audience.
• Successful blogs can lead to other publishing opportunities, book deals, and potential lucrative activities.
• A blog may also serve as your portfolio. If you’re a freelance writer/blogger, you will need to own and run your own blog to be successful. If you’re a web developer/designer, a well designed blog will help sell your services to potential customers. Blog posts should demonstrate your skills and expertise in your field.


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