Three words of advice

After reading a myriad of advice, I felt like dishing out my own. Plus, I’ve been wanting to use this photo from Yosemite falls, and finally wrote a post worthy.  Peter Lang Balance

For some reason, after reading Dharmesh Shah’s three-word snippets of advice for startups, I started coming up with both startup and life “snippets.”

I guarantee this isn’t the only advice you’ll need – but it’s a fun way to start. I welcome your own ideas in the comments.

My Own Advice In Exactly Three Words

  1. Keep good friends [tweet]
  2. Pick great people [tweet]
  3. Start out general [tweet]
  4. Invest in attitude [tweet]
  5. Keep it clean [tweet]
  6. Improve yourself daily [tweet]
  7. Eat well daily [tweet]
  8. Sleep is needed [tweet]
  9. Always recognize revenue [tweet] 
  10. Evolve by teaching [tweet]
  11. Accept all critics [tweet]
  12. Prove critics wrong [tweet]
  13. Write with passion [tweet]
  14. Post with care [tweet]
  15. Care about followers [tweet]
  16. Friend your Mom [tweet]
  17. Focus on positives [tweet]
  18. See entire picture [tweet]
  19. Keep it simple [tweet]
  20. Be happy always [tweet]
  21. Mind affects body [tweet]
  22. Body affects mind [tweet]
  23. Treat clients kindly [tweet]
  24. Celebrate little victories [tweet]
  25. Decide with logic [tweet]
  26. Network with energy [tweet]
  27. Share your brand [tweet]
  28. Cancel the unnecessary [tweet]
  29. Keep on learning [tweet]
  30. Protect your time [tweet]
  31. Value your time [tweet]
  32. Learn from failure [tweet]
  33. Become an expert [tweet]
  34. Don’t give up [tweet]
  35. Be lawful always [tweet]
  36. Live with passion [tweet]
  37. Social media motivation [tweet]


Here are 12 from Dharmesh Shah’s three-word snippets of advice that I liked the best.

1.  Watch your cash. [tweet]

6. Avoid tempting distractions. [tweet]

8.  Avoid business plans. [tweet]

9.  Write a blog. [tweet]

21. Reward early adopters. [tweet]

23. Say “NO” often. [tweet] 

24. Accept imperfect data. [tweet]

28. Believe in yourself. [tweet]

29. Respect your competitors. [tweet]

31. Build a brand. [tweet]

32. Focus, focus, focus. [tweet]

47. Keep it fun. [tweet]