Top 10 Instagram Hashtags

Top 10 Instagram Hashtags

Previously, I wrote How to Use Hashtags: A Simple Guide and Top 20 Instagram Hashtags and many readers told me that both were very useful. But since these posts, there have been changes in the top used hashtags so I decided to provide an updated list.

Here are the top 10 hashtags as of October 7th 2012.

1) #love // 61,405,876 photos

Instagram’s top hashtag, love, has remained at the top all year. Images consist of anything IGers love (animals, celebrities, or even their own faces).

2) #instagood // 46,512,887 photos

Boost your like and comment numbers by using this popular hashtag.

3) #me // 35,769,075 photos

Most Instagram users have their camera phones with them all the time. So it makes sense that they would take pictures of themselves and share with the world, right?

4) #cute // 33,192,758 photos

Well who doesn’t like photos of cute things. If you take a photo of something cute make sure to share with the #cute hashtag.

5) #tbt // 33,091,653 photos

Tbt’s an acronym for: Throwback Thursday and Truth Be Told.

6) #photooftheday // 32,617,543 photos

Do you think your photo is great? If your photo is worthy of this hashtag than add it to this gallery. Only the best photos each day should be featured in this hashtag gallery.

7) #instamood // 32,332,969 photos

Photos that often use color and nature to express emotion and mood.

8) #tweegram // 29,476,291 photos

A Twitter or Facebook length message inside an image is a Tweegram. Create your own at

9) #iphonesia // 28,444,958 photos

IGers who are based in East Asia use this hashtag if the photo they’re sharing was taken with their iPhones.

10) #summer // 26,537,139 photos

Summer has officially ended but the Summer hastag is still holding strong.

Summer Hashtag Instagram

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#love #instagood #me #cute #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #tweegram #iphonesia #summer

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