Career Hub: Technology Tools for Job Seekers – Part 3

Career Hub: Technology Tools for Job Seekers – Part 3.

Information for job seekers willing and wanting to use Social Media as a tool for finding the elusive job (every job is elusive in 2009, so lets fix that).

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23. – Branding itself as “Productivity tools for busy tweeple”, Tweetlater allows you to plan, set up, and even automate your Twitter social network and communications. Its free organization capabilities make it essential for keeping track of tweets (messages), followers, and those you would like to follow. For example, you can track keywords (really important in a job search) and save and re-use drafts of tweets. There’s a professional version that offers even more bells and whistles.

24. – The world’s largest Twitter job board with the built-in capability for you to apply for a job, post your resume, get instant alerts of openings via text messaging, and refer-a-friend feature among many others. With more than 4600 vertical Job Channels on Twitter, TweetMyJobs is likely to have the latest scoop about jobs in your field or industry.

25. – The official job posting site for the US (Federal) government. This one-stop center for information about federal government jobs is a must see. From career exploration information, jobs in demand, resources for people with disabilities, veterans resource center, senior executive service, and student jobs, this site is a logical and easy starting point. With Federal hiring trends and top locations hiring, doesn’t it make sense to check out if government service could be a viable career path for you?

26. – This platform allows you to build and display a “visual” resume that can include elements you might include in a portfolio, such as examples of your work and even charts and graphs. It goes further by enabling audio, video, and image elements as well AND features jobs you can apply for using your VisualCV. You can also integrate your resume with social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The examples on this site are a feast for the eyes and ears!

27. – Using metasearch technology, this mega-search engine combines top-ranked results from several popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live, and Ask along with others. Best of all, it includes images, video, news, and local information to provide a broader spectrum of search-engine results.

28. – With this search engine, an Firefox browser extension, you can personalize your search to include results from sources like Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Wikipedia. WebMynd provides the search results in a pleasing and easy-to-navigate display. Further benefits include being able to search a visual history of your web surfing, share links with friends, and keep track of what you find.

29. – One of my favorite social media search tools, this browser search plugin works in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. After searching your name, for example, you get results in categories such as blogs, news, networks (like LinkedIn, Friendster, Facebook, and Ning), videos, images, forums, and tags (such as, blogmarks, and faves). Find out who’s talking about you!

30. – This search plugin is promoted by Wink as “the world’s largest people search engine” where you can find phone numbers, email addresses, websites, photos and more. You must join (it is free) to see all the search results and to download the plugin.

31. – Xing is a global social network for professionals and business people with more than 7 million members in 200 countries. It has often been compared to LinkedIn as it has similar features, such as groups, networking events, contact management, people search, and job postings. Much more international in flavor, however.