The Why?

So, why am I writing and educating others on Social Media? I have had the great opportunities to travel and network abroad. Through these travels I have seen the global influence on Social Media on various cultures. This communication between individuals was the key. When a company or person uses this 2way communication in order to increase WOM (word of mouth) and as well as perfect the product from the responses of the targets, success will come.

My goal in advising and sharing the knowledge of Social Media is to provide entry for those who need a guide in this Web 2.0 revolution.  I want all to move beyond the “I have a facebook but don’t really use it” to an approach that allows each of you to evaluate the large amounts of opportunities and platforms for your business and most importantly personal success.

Remember this is an opportunity to have a continuous conversation with your customers.

Top 4:

Facebook is considered by some to be more important than email.

Go and explore.

Peter Lang