Facebook- Convert Personal Profiles Into Business Pages

Facebook has made an option available for those individuals that question whether or not to maintain a profile or switch to a Page. You may now convert your personal user profiles to an official business Page, turning all your friends into fans. You can do this at: “Profile To Business Page Migration” tool. You will no longer have to start your page with zero Likes.

For all the businesses worried about loosing their communities when choosing to switch this should come as exciting news. Currently Facebook has not released an announcement about this tool, but TricksFacebook.com and it’s International partners have confirmed it’s available worldwide.

Facebook is offering a new Help Center article on converting profiles to Pages that specifics the steps in the changing process. A user must have a verified account in order to convert the profile into a Page but once the process is started their profile photo will be transferred, and all their friends will be converted into users who Like their Page.

Be aware that conversion will cause you to loose all your photos and wall posts. All other Like connections will be disconnected so please backup your profiles. I recommend using Facebook’s Download Your Information tool.

This Migration to Page will be tremendously valuable for users that began using their profile to promote a small business, but were fearful of hitting Facebook’s 500 friend limit. It will also allow those promoting a business with a personal profile to begin using third-party Page applications that allow them to set up a Like-gated landing page, run contests, collect email addresses, and recreate functionality from websites.
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