How To Tweet in 10 Minutes a Week.

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If you find yourself posting on Twitter multiple times per day you won’t find much use in this post. But for the readers that find themselves drifting away from Twitter due to daily time requirements, continue reading.

There are some primary reasons why users stop updating their profiles:

1. No Interest – Often a result of a few months of participation with little connection to others.

2. Professional reasons – Created by tweeting for clients or for work that makes updating your own profiles too much work.

3. Lack of time – Invested to much time in the beginning and never received any kind of return for the interaction.


The truth is we have no choice because short form communication will continue to dominate, so it’s time to check out Twitter again. Here are some reasons why.

  • will always help you rank well on search engines. When you are searched online it would be good to have the results be updated and relevant. 
  • As your clients and companies embrace Twitter they’ll look to you as a person to follow and as an example.
  • Engaging in Twitter and maintaining an up-to-date feed only takes 10 minutes a week.

Yes, I said 10 minutes. How do you accomplish this?

  1. Use a 3rd party app that allows you to schedule tweets. I recommend Pluggio, TwitResponse and Hootsuite.
  2. Give the application you’ve chosen access to your twitter account. Best way to accomplish this is by staying logged into Twitter. 
  3. Aggregate information via a reader. Google Reader or Alltop, for example.
  4. Write 5 tweets. Choose from a statement, a link to something you enjoy, a link to something one of your followers wrote, a celebration of your followers, an @ reply, something interesting you overheard, a question, or an RT of something you find interesting.
  5. Write your tweets and schedule them for the coming week. This way you’ll have a Twitter feed that is personable, interesting, current, and useful.
  6. Link your Facebook Fan Page or profile.

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