I often share ideas and tools to help you market yourself or your business. Today, this post is going to dive into why blogging is marketing 101. Starting a blog should be an obvious step in your marketing mix, you may hear this frequently nowadays but let’s dive into the “why”.


  • Are the most effective way to create searchable, shareable content to bring attention to your topic.
  • The simplest tool for the value it provides.
  • Allow you to showcase your work in a compelling way.
  • A marketing tool that gives you, the individual, the ability to show people who you are.
  • A way to connect online with those you’ve worked with in the past, present, and may work with in the future.
  • Are the hub of your various social media profiles.
  • Will generate more opportunity for your online presence than any other online tool.

In today’s world, businesses (just like yours) are under more pressure to stand out of the crowd and market in the most effective ways. Blogging allows you to do that.

Blog Promotion

Let’s assume you have a blog as a part of your marketing mix but it’s not providing value.

As important as blogging is to your marketing mix it is only a tool and if no one is reading it, a rather pointless tool.

Stop and think: How hard are you willing to promote one post?

Rather than explain the steps to create a blog or generate content for it, which is only a small percentage of the work, I prefer to share with you the secret to blogging success. It’s not the attractive headline, solid opening, well structured content and a compelling voice because even if you have all of these and no one is reading it’s not a success and it’s certainly not helping your business. I’m not saying these aren’t important, these are must haves but again if no one is reading what’s the point?

You have to hustle, you must go outside of your blog and tell everyone that you exist.

It’s time to put yourself out there.

Right now, write a list of the 20 blogs you respect and are blogging at a level you either are or want to be, they don’t have to be in your same niche.

Email them and introduce youself and your blog.

If you really want to make your marketing efforts a success… make sure people are reading what you have to share on your blog.

Thank you for reading!

Are you blogging? Share your blog in the comments below!