Upgrade for Pages–What’s New?

The New Facebook Pages offers to deliver on many of the complaints administrators have about the old design.

Better Communication

People have asked for better ways to keep up with activity on their Page. You will now be able to interact with other Pages that “like” your Page as your Page. That’s right! This empowers administrators to receive notifications about fan activity, Like and comment on other Pages as your Page, and get your own News Feed that aggregates content by Pages you like. Changing the need for 3rd party aggregators like: http://www.hyperalerts.no/

More Opportunities for Expression


Featured photos of your Page’s most recent experiences will now appear at the top of your Page, like your profile. You can highlight other Pages you are connected with as well as the people who are managing your Page New branding elements and designs will sure be integrated into Pages much like Profile options.

Improve Relevancy

There is more to learn so take the tour yourself and please remember to read the manual! MANUAL –> Facebook’s New Pages

Shots from the tour.

new facebook pages2

new facebook pages3

new facebook pages4

new facebook pages5

new facebook pages1

– @peterlang

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