Advanced Web Ranking 8.6 – What’s Not To Love?

AWR Graph

Avid readers already know my fondness for Advanced Web Ranking from my earlier post. In this post, I won’t cover the general working of Advanced Web Ranking but will instead focus on the upgrade from 8 to 8.5. There are so many cool additions in the version I’m testing (8.6) that I will focus on the changes and improvements made to this Advanced Web Ranking.

First off, lets start with the integration of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a staple for many web owners and the fact that AWR went and incorporated it into their latest version is simply awesome. You can view much of your regular analytics data but you can also utilize the information those analytics provide into very useful charts or take the data and use it elsewhere in AWR. Take keywords for example. If you want to add keywords to any of your projects, it’s as simple as going to “add keywords” -> “analytics keywords”. And just like that, you can import keywords from your website into search engines to see where you rank for each keyword! Personally, I think this was a fantastic addition have used this feature for every site I manage.
AWR table GA

The next new feature that was a smart addition is the link profile with data from SEOmoz. It generates a list of all inbound links to give you a complete profile. Not only does it do this for your site, but also does this for all competitors’ sites as well! Tracking the link profile used to be a bit of a hassle as you had to maintain these records on your own and updating was very inconvenient. Now with the link profile on the new version of AWR, you can have a complete link profile for you and all your competitors that updates when you want it and tracks the link profile over time.

I always thought Advanced Web Ranking created very sharp and useful reports but they definitely stepped it up in the latest version. The fact that it incorporates all the information from the previous version of AWR but it also includes customizable reports that include Google Analytics data and link profile information. This is definitely a time saver and has proven very useful in the short time I’ve had the new software.

Overall, I am incredibly pleased with the updates in the latest release of Advanced Web Ranking. The addition of Google Analytics and SEOmoz have vastly increased the overall performance of AWR. Combine that with the reports and it is definitely one of the top tools for those looking to maximize their SEO.