Top Tips for Staying Secure on Facebook

Facebook Security Steps

Some of you have little interest in using your brand for personal development. Some of you are happy using social networking to interact with a small group of family and friends. So these steps are great for you.

Here are some steps to stay safe while on Facebook.

  • Only friend people you know.
  • Make passwords account specific. Use a separate password for each account you may have. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc..)
  • Don’t share your password. If you need help and that requires giving them access make an alternative password and change it once the help is finished.
  • Alternate your password on a regular basis. Change it at least once a month.
  • Limit the amount of personal information you share with people and companies.
  • Log into Facebook only ONCE each session. If Facebook is asking you to log in again, close the window and go directly to in your browser. If you’re being asked again you may be getting hacked!
  • Use a one-time password when using someone else’s computer.
  • Log out of Facebook after using someone else’s computer.
  • Use secure browsing whenever possible.
  • Only download applications from trusted sites.
  • Keep your anti-virus software updated.
  • Keep your browser and other applications up to date.
  • Don’t paste script (code) in your browser address bar.
  • Use browser add-ons like Web of Trust and Firefox’s NoScript to keep your account from being hijacked.
  • Beware of “awkward” posts from anyone, especially even Friends. If the post looks out of place your better off not interacting with it directly. But if this happens to you send the person a private message to verify the message.
  • Your friend’s account may be compromised as some scammers hack your Friends’ accounts and send out links to all their friends. Have caution when you see enticing links coming from your Friends.

Remember, everything online is public!

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