Changing the “Meaning” of Social Media


(Targeted at baby boomers and technophobes)

The people who develop a “meaning” in social media are those who’ve changed the meaning of using it to pleasure. We believe such pain when we have to give up time to use this media. The goal is to change how we link up this Web 2.0 world.

Let us change the meaning of Social Media.

For many people social media means “I have to give up something,” in which they could be focusing elsewhere. People may also be involved in social media because someone else wants them to be (usually bosses).  So I ask –What is your commitment to social media? Where are you in your level of change? Some people jump into social media right away, while, other people, really need to be pushed. Finally, it seems as if change is not an option. People pay to attend workshops, but never change. Do they honestly want to change?

What are your associations with computers, Internet, social media, and the technological progress of our lives?

TUNE HAMMER AND MUTES_mediumMetaphor– Recently I had this guy come and tune our Piano. This great grand Piano; and so the guy comes in, and he adjusts the piano and the way he tunes it is by changing the amount of tension on the wires. There is literally tons of tension on the wires. In his doing this, I thought well great, that’s it. He said “No I have to come back next week.”

I said “what do you mean; I thought you just tuned it?”

He said “yea, it’s been stretched in this way for so long that what I have to do is retune it. I need to keep stretching the new patterns in. I need to condition the wires so they stay that way.”

So I said “why can’t you just do it once and have it last?”

He goes “well, it’s been pulling in that other way for so long now, that you just need to condition it.”

Now he has to come out in another week; I guess in two weeks; then he comes out in a month; in three months, then he eventual comes out every six months. In order to keep it that way he has to come out at least twice a year.


If you wanted to be in great shape and feel healthy; you wouldn’t run out and workout one-time, and say “I’m glad that’s done, now I’ll be healthy for life.” That’s not how it works. You have to condition yourself. Day after day, and soon you love the conditioning.

Change the way you view social media – condition yourself.

I promise you will soon become addicted to social media- Start thinking about it as a lifestyle.

-Peter C Lang