Steps to Change the Meaning of Social Media

If you think you can’t change the meaning of social media maybe it is because you believe you can’t change your state of mind. I am not attempting to change your life, but it’s important to at least understand your social media association.

The book Man’s Search for Meaning shows how you can change the emotional association from painful     experience. Some people believe this change to social media is painful, but can this emotional association be caused by other factors? If so, let’s change the association…

Here I will expand on the topic of Changing the “meaning” of social media. Let’s change the negative association and transform Social media into a lifestyle and create Social Media Momentum.


Let’s create a fundamental change. Creating Leverage over yourself and understand social media is a lifestyle.

  1. You must reach a point where you know that not being in Social Media will bring you PAIN.
      If you are only at the point; where you feel you should change, or you might change, there is not enough of a commitment given to the change that will give you the emotional/ financial return that you will be looking for during the process.  Write down 10 reasons for why you need it and why you’re able to do it.
  2. Break your normal pattern of professional and personal social media interaction and development.
      We have to interrupt the current pattern, daily distractions and weekly obligations. The key is, creating an environment where a person doesn’t have a choice not to expect the change. Have fun with this, and if it is awkward at first understand it’s like riding a bike; after a while you won’t even notice a change.
  3. Condition yourself to a new empowering social media association.
      Personal Branding, Global Communication, Sharing of information, and yourself. Link family, Professional Networking, Sharing, Communication, and other unknown opportunities all to social media.

These are the three changes you need to jump into social media today, not next week, next month, and especially don’t wait till next year. Let’s use social media leverage and create personal and professional success.