Dropbox – Expanding your potential


The world we live in today is a product of several stages. These stages have technological influencers that enhance our greater prospective and simplify the journey. Dropbox is one of those technologies. I have already talked about Dropbox when he was still in its infancy (see article for an introduction). Dropbox allows you to back up your data securely and instantly online, but that in itself is nothing special.
Where Dropbox triumphs because it gives the user the ability to  create shared folders between different computers / users, that share by synchronizing files across multiple platforms.


Why should you use Dropbox?

Reason 1
Lets say your working on a Word file at the office or school. In order for you to take this file home with you’ll need a USB… Wouldn’t it be nice if the files were already home, waiting for you? How? With Dropbox.

Reason 2
From my personal experience: After a vacation I always have photos I’d like to share with family and friends. By sharing a “Photos” folder with those those select few the Dropbox will automatically update their box whenever files are added.

Some features of Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically.

  • 2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers.
  • Sync files of any size or type.
  • Sync Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.
  • Automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.

Hurry and register and install Dropbox, to start relieving stress.


– @peterlang

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