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Marketing is evolving due to the impact of social media. Yet, questions still remain in regards to social media adoption, usage and its business applications. I prefer the numbers over theory. This post is a resource for anyone wishing to explore the data that exists on the web about social media. This is not the data in it’s entirety only a collection of key pieces.



Industry Report Overview from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

2. Social Media Revolution 

3. Social Media Revolutions 2



1. Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook from Mashable:


2. The Boom of Social Sites from


3. Facebook vs Twitter

 Facebook vs Twitter-resized-600

4. Social Sharing Statistics From Silicon Alley Insider

 Online sharing stats-resized-600

5. Twitter Territory


6. Who Participates Online


7. Breakdown Of Who Blogs


8.  Age Distribution For Social Sites



9. Social Networks Around The World


10. Social Mediain China


11. A Day On The Internet


12. Social Media Demographics




1. Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3

2. What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later

3. Social Media For Business: 31 Stats and Anecdotes

4. Global Social Media Trends – Asia Impact

5. Social Media Marketing Facts

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