Steps to Change the Meaning of Social Media

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If you think you can’t change the meaning of social media maybe it is because you believe you can’t change your state of mind. I am not attempting to change your life, but it’s important to at least understand your social media association. Man's Search for Meaning The book Man’s Search for Meaning shows how you can change the emotional association from painful     experience. Some people believe this change to social media is painful, but can this emotional association be caused by other factors? If so, let’s change the association… Here I will expand on the topic of Changing the “meaning” of social media. Let’s change the negative association and transform Social media into a lifestyle and create Social Media Momentum. Let’s create a fundamental change. Creating Leverage over yourself…
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Changing the “Meaning” of Social Media

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(Targeted at baby boomers and technophobes) The people who develop a “meaning” in social media are those who’ve changed the meaning of using it to pleasure. We believe such pain when we have to give up time to use this media. The goal is to change how we link up this Web 2.0 world. Let us change the meaning of Social Media. For many people social media means “I have to give up something,” in which they could be focusing elsewhere. People may also be involved in social media because someone else wants them to be (usually bosses).  So I ask -What is your commitment to social media? Where are you in your level of change? Some people jump into social media right away, while, other people, really need to…
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Update Everything You Need with

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Those of you that are worried about the social media demand on time have nothing to fear. I realize that the thought of logging in to every social media and uploading content really puts a damper on the experience. If this is you, then is a must. This is a one-stop service that will allow you to post to all your important social networks. Not only will update statuses and micro-blogs it can now update your Facebook Page. Their step-by-step guide will help with the setup. The first attempt at creating the connection was tricky but if you follow the steps closely you will be just fine. To point out- Once you've finished the setup you will need to grant permissions to the desired pages. Your options include posting status updates, notes, and photos to pages…
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A Twitter Mystery

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A Twitter Mystery I had the great opportunity of having this presentation shared with me. It's all about Twitter and I felt the wonderful creator Meryl Evans did a great job, and knew I had to share. The presentation gives an introduction to Twitter for buisness and strategies to take marketing and relationship building to a new level. Enjoy and Share! A Twitter Mystery View more presentations or Upload your own. What do you think?
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Social Media for Writers

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I have the pleasure of working with some brilliant writers and have seen similar social media patterns. The list below has been put together from my workshops and consulting. Here's the deal. Writers see social media as simply a marketing tool As a way of finding an agent Are afraid that social media will take time away from writing Question whether or not they can make money blogging Many are not sure about the idea of "friending" someone he or she does not know. Can see the value of participating in Social Media every day, but don't believe they have the time. If you’re a writer who is worried about the step to social media, don’t be. More and more people are realizing that social media (&blogging) is one of…
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The “Get First” WordPress Plugins

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[caption id="attachment_87" align="alignleft" width="181" caption="Plugin"][/caption] When beginning a blog one of the first things to come to mind are plugins. Great example- The 10 "Get First" Wordpress plugins when starting Wordpress Blog. 1. All In One SEO Pack – It's top on the list for a reason because it is essential for all bloggers!!! All In One SEO Pack allows tweaking Meta Titles, Descriptions and Tags of your blog without changing the content. 2. Comment Luv – Comment Luv enables you to show some love as soon as a comment has been posted by including a titled link to their last blog post or tweet at the end of their comment. This plugin drastically increases user interaction on your blog through increased exposure. 3. Popularity Contest – A great…
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